When I execute the app

Hi ,
I am new to bubble. My app was working very fine. but suddenly when I execute it’s redirected to the index page itself , not moving to the follow up page.

I checked in step by step it shows workflow is triggered by index.

Do you have any workflows that are “When page is loaded”?

yes I have .

What is the orange workflow doing?

orange color one Not yet set . I deleted that .But when click sign up, or when i click login it is not moving to the follow up

What I like to do is add a new event and pick “When user is logged in” then have it navigate them to the correct page. Then after they login it auto-redirects them. See if that works?

yes ,Till yesterday it was working in a very good manner but today I don’t know what is the reason. It shows this error. I want to test my app. currently i am using free plan for the past one month. Is this issue related to paid plan?