Logging in but not navigating to dashboard

Newbie here!

All of a sudden, my app is logging it but keeps on staying on the index page. I look at my app data and I see that login data is created every time I login, but it is not navigating to the dashboard/ home page.

Tried clearing cache, creating a new workflow, but none of them works.

You should add a workflow after the signup to take you to a new page. Hopefully it helps

I think i’ve done that, despite it, still is not working now.

can you show me your go to page dashboard workflow?

Here. Other pages are same workflow, but they’re working (though they’re not login)

try Only when currently user is logged in

or you could have the wrong button

I am looking at the app database, I see the user is being logged as it is tracked. But it’s just the navigation that is not working and keeps getting stuck in the index page.

If a user clicks your login button it should take you to the page, unless your using the wrong button.

I changed the “only when” to have it acknowledge logged in users. Still not effect.

I will try to make a new login button instead.

What is that other Login button?

There is only one. It is the same button.

What’s the function of it? As in what’s in it’s workflow

Same button. One workflow is the “create” things (tracking user login - ex. date/time, location, etc.), whilst the other one for the same button is to login and navigate.

Can I see the other one please?

I just took a look at my Bubble app. Try making your dashboard page the first thing in the workflow

let me know if my above solution fixes your issue.

This one is for the login:

While this one for the tracker:

Okay, Makes sense. Did you add the dashboard to be first in your workflow?

It is now. I actually deleted the button login, and their workflow. And made a new one, but it appears to be the same. I am logging in, but still stuck on the index page.