When I share an url outside my domain Bubble appears

Dear Bubble people,
When I share a listing of my own bubble app (who is masked by using an easyhost domain in facebook ) there appears " you don’t need to be a coder" Bubble introduces… How can I mae this dissepaer?

That’s your page meta title and description…

You can change that on the SEO/Metatags tab of your app settings.

They can also be set individually for each page in your app so best to check each page (the property editor for the page itself) to see if there are any meta titles and descriptions there and change them accordingly.

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hey Adam;
I got rid of a part, but i still get this

What should I do?
Wich box?

Have you published the changes?

I thought I did. I double check.

On facebook someone told me. Younhave to go in design to index and just delete text in seo/FB box. grtz

That’s right, yes, but make sure you delete the global settings in your app as well.

But having checked your source code, the Bubble metadata is now gone and has been been replaced by your own:

So it’s working fine now.

If you’re still seeing the old metadata it’s probably a browser cache issue, so just clear your cache and you should see it.

Sometimes Facebook caches metadata for links, so it might still show the old data for a while. You can refresh that by using the ‘refresh share attachment’ on the Facebook post to update the metadata.

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It’s much better now but I want to appear the listing picture instad of alone immojacht.com I tried to add something in image but it gave an error.
What to do.? grtz

To change the image for specific pages you set it in the property editor for the page, as you’ve shown above.

As long as it’s valid image it should work.

What was the error?

in the image box I putted user’s properties but that dint’t work. What do I have to give in? I want to appear the first photo of my listing.


Based on the first image you posted you just need to select the current page property, then specify the image.

Your second pic is for a different page, and has no page content set so, if you want to display a dynamic image on that page, you’ll have to search for it in the DB, or reference something else on the page which has data set, or the current user - depending on what image you’re trying to display and how it is connected in your database.

yes Thanks
Just gave in at " property page" with image FB " current page property main image" and it works
Thank you very much


Hey Adam, Stijn from Belgium here. I have a small problem with my database. I gave in some listings but now I want to chance the name and picture of the owner/ seller/ real estate agent. How can I chance that?
With users I just see a number that reflects the properties that the user gave in but I used one user for different test properties. Now I want to adjust the right name with the wright logo to the property:Listing.

Do you how to fix this?

Let me explain better. I tested my app with 1 or 2 accounts and with those accounts I gave in several properties. Now I have to chance with every listing the name and the logo but I can’t find them becouse I entered them with the same emailadress. I have to fill the profile picture and name.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking here, so I’m not sure how much help I can be?..

But if you’re asking about changing or updating a user’s property, or a property’s user, you can make changes to the individual entries in the app data tab.

To correctly link and update one to the other, that will depend on how your database is structured and how the datatypes are linked - i.e. if the user is linked to the property, or vice-versa, or both.

From the image you’ve posted above I can see that your users have a list of associated properties, so if you want to change the details of a user’s properties those are the properties you need to change for each user.

If you’re asking how to identify and find those, you can either copy the unique ID shown, then search the database for them, or you can change the primary display field to make it easier to see what things are in the DB (i.e. change the property’s primary display field from it’s unique ID to it’s address for example, or the User’s unique ID to their first name).

Not sure if that helps, but I’m not quite sure what your question is here, so if you’re still stuck maybe give a specific example of what you’re trying to do, and it might be clearer.

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Hey adam
Stijn here from belgium
I want to send my users an confirmation email when they payed 8 euro. (a facture like we call it here) How do I do that? Like this? and then?
Please help me

The ‘Send Confirmation Email’ action is used to confirm that a user’s email address is valid and that they can access it (for example when they first sign up to your app).

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re trying to do here, but I don’t think it is…

If you’re trying to send a payment confirmation upon receipt of payment (which I think is what you’re trying to do), there are a few ways to do it, but I’d go about that in the following way…

Create a backend workflow with a single action to send an email to the user (personally I use Sendgrid for all our emails, via the API connector - but however your app is configured to send emails, such as if you’re using a plugin, then just use that).

I’d recommend triggering the workflow via a webhook from Stripe (or whatever payment processor you use) rather than using anything in the browser, for example a pageload workflow on a thank you page, or in a popup, and certainly not on a button click - otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll end up sending confirmation emails to people who haven’t paid, or who’s payments have been declined.