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Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble using multiple conditions on a ‘When Page Load’ workflow on a protected_page. I have 4 user accounts each with an ‘Account Type’ field for different users, Standard, Office, Manager & Admin.

I’m using the When Page Load workflow to redirect the page when a user is not a Manager or Admin but it’s not working.

If I set 'Current Users Account Type Is Not - Arbitrary Text | Manager, then this works just fine if say I’m logged in as Office etc. When I try to add a second condition, I use the same as above but I’ll add ‘Or’ followed by Arbitrary text Admin and I’ve tried ‘Or’ followed by the whole expression again with Admin included in the text but it doesn’t work as I expect so I’m obviously doing something wrong.

I’ve also tried setting 2 ‘When Page Loads’ workflows, 1 with each condition for the Account types I want to check for but then it only works for the first workflow but ignores the second.

Please can anyone help?
I’ve added a link to my app for reference

Many Thanks

Hi there, @aaron.marsh… much like the advice you got in this thread, using an option set would be a better way to go here. I took the liberty of setting it up, and the redirect is now working as expected (or at least I think it is, assuming I understood your post correctly). If you don’t want to use an option set, simply delete it and delete the new field I created in the User data type, and you will be back to where you were.

Hope this helps.



Hi Mikeloc, Thanks for your help, this is working exactly as I hoped. I still wasn’t exactly sure how to use the Option Sets before which is why I stuck to the static list but now I can see from your example this makes sense so I’ll use those going forward.

Many Thanks

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