When selecting one group I want all other sibling groups to be hidden

Hi there,

Newbie here!
I want to create a single page application with a lot of groups (probably 30+) on the page.
When selecting one group e.g. by clicking on a text element, I want obviously the group linked to this text element to show (that part is fine) but I also want all other sibling groups to be hidden.
I can do that by adding all sister elements one by one into a workflow but that will become very quickly painful.
Is there a clever way to “select all” & hide all sibling groups in one go ?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @tom17

  1. Give each section a custom state called “name” or “ID”.

  2. Create a custom state on the page or wherever called “active section”

  3. When you want to show a certain section use a workflow that sets the state of “active section” to whatever the value of the sections “name” is

  4. Make all sections not visible on page load.

  5. Include a condition on each section that says “when active section is this group’s name” → make visible.

There are other approaches but this is generally what I use.


Hi @robhblake,
Thanks for that.
How do you make all sections not visible on page load? Do I have to create within the workflow multiple steps with each step hiding a specific section? Or is there a way to call all sibling sections?

Just use the checkbox on each group holding the section that says “make this element visible on page load”, and uncheck that. It’s on the element editor, not via a workflow.

Got you!
Thank you so much @robhblake !

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