How do groups of elements work?

Noob here but can’t seem to find the answer to my question by searching the forum.

I have a button that when pressed shows 3 other buttons. I accomplished this by individually attaching 3 workflow actions to the original button. I would like to be able to group these 3 buttons and have only one workflow action. When I group the 3 buttons and create a workflow to show the group, it does not work. Feel like I’m missing something obvious here.

Is the group hidden by default? Make sure the group is set to be hidden on page load, and all 3 buttons are set to be visible on page load. Enable the debugger and let us know if there are any errors when walking through the workflow step by step. Another way to accomplish this is using custom states: On your button click workflow, select Element Actions → Set State in the dropdown. Choose your button group and create a new state called is_visible (yes/no) and set to yes as your workflow action. On the editor canvas, select your button group and in the options panel create a conditional ‘when this group’s customer state is_active=yes then set this group’s visibility to true’.

Thanks a ton for the response. I had the visibility box unchecked on both the buttons and the group. I now understand how it works.