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When testing "step by step" actions are not being triggered when they should be

Is anyone else having this issue?

If conditions are set, and are being met… when running the workflow in “step by step” it appears the following steps are running before I press “next” and then the “if” conditions are coming up as “no” when they would be “yes.”

@beccijanereid Bubble doesn’t necessarily run workflows in the order that you create them. If you want to enforce a specific sequence in a series of workflows, is it possible for you to use “result of step _”? If you create an action like this it lets Bubble know that this step is dependent upon another step and therefore will wait for the first step to finish. You can also try adding a pause between actions.

is what i had todo to resolve a issue regarding a api request as it perform a ratelimit issue so thus actually waiting 5000ms fixed issue

api request - 5000ms pause between the action - give user role discord

^ above may not be same issue but did help when i should of been getting a yes but kept receiving a no because discord login using bubble here could not cache in time and save the ID to provide user said role i hope the above works for you @beccijanereid