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When using stripe plugin. How can we verify the customer's credit card before we save it?

I have a form to saving customer’s credit card (see image). I need to check some conditions before saving their card.
1/ show error for:
- Wrong cc number
- wrong billing
- not enough funds
2/ just accept if the card brand is “master card”.

  • I’ve try with stripe.js but it require creating a payment method first → then I can retrive the data. But I don’t want to do that. I need verify the card before creating a payment method .

Hope for helps :pray: :pray:




Probably not possible as far as I know. You should probably just rely on Stripe to do all of that complicated financial stuff. Verifying a credit card seems like a pretty complex undertaking.

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thinking you need to create a setup intent?


A SetupIntent guides you through the process of setting up and saving a customer’s payment credentials for future payments. For example, you could use a SetupIntent to set up and save your customer’s card without immediately collecting a payment. Later, you can use PaymentIntents to drive the payment flow."

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I’ve read it and see the API response is less information.
thanks for suggestion