When workload tier applies to app plan?

That’s why I am interested - now my app is on the starter plan with 0 tier (base 175r WU), but current month capacity is already 2.5m WU and it will costs me 780$ for this month.

Buuut can I purchase Tier 3 WU for 2.5m limit to reduce payment for this month? Or i will just add 2.5 WU above my current capacity and will pay 1080$ for this month? :slight_smile:

Based on this reply to another timing-related question, you are likely going to want to contact Bubble support to make sure you get the right answer. You could dig into the topic in the manual, too, but again, I would contact Bubble support.


You can use our pricing calculator here to plot in your details. When I put in Starter + 2.5M WU, it says get Tier 3 at $299/month to cover your workload. That gives you a total of $331/month billed.

Note that workload is calculated on the calendar month - so you’ll definitely want to subscribe to this tier today (or before the end of the month!) to have this apply to January. Best of luck!