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Questions re: Pricing Plans and WU Tiers

Hoping there are folks on the new plans (or someone from Bubble) that can help answer these questions.

  1. @Josh mentioned there’s 100K free development WU’s in the forum thread on Update to Workload, Plus More Transparent Calculations. The pricing page on the Bubble website doesn’t mention that. So is it a thing that’s actually happened?
  2. The Starter Plan says “Everything in Free, plus” and the Growth Plan says “Everything in Starter, plus”.
  • The Free Plan comes with 50K WU’s/mo,
  • The Starter Plan says “175K WU’s/mo”
  • The Growth Plan says “250K WU"s/mo”
    Does this mean the Starter Plan has 50K + 175K = 225K WU’s/mo.?
    And the Growth Plan has 50K + 175K + 250K = 475K WU’s/mo?
  1. Tier 1 comes with 200K WUs/Mo for $29. Can you purchase more than 1 Tier 1 package (i.e. get another 400K WU’s/Mo for $58?).

Bump. Anyone know the answers? Thx in advance.

According to what we see in app, yes. However, it’s not clear when this apply.



Bubble suggest to always take a lower tier and pay for overages. But when you are near the limit, it may be better to pay for a higher tier
Subscription Planner | Bubble can help you (but again, this tool is far from perfect)…