Where can i find the list of bubble agencies?

Hello everyone :wave:

I was in vacation since 2 weeks & I can’t find the list of all bubble agencies on Agencies | Bubble

Is it moved to some new URL?

Thanks in advance for your help :+1:

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To the best of my knowledge, they changed the process, and the general list of agencies is no longer available. Someone else may know differently, though.


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Thanks @mikeloc :+1:

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@viquarahmed07 I hope they will bring it back soon :unamused: @sam.morgan
It was very helpful for many developers to find jobs by directly going to the agency website / careers section…

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I see the list of agencies.

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It might be cached because that’s not where that link goes now.

Oh, interesting… you’re right just tried on Safari and it’s gone. I wonder what the reasoning behind removing it was

I’d bet it’s an effort to help raise the quality of the RFPs the agencies get… sounds like the old way was sending a lot of hot garbage their way.

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Viewing the link logged out I see the actual list.
Viewing it logged in gives me the new form.

Mystery solved? :yum:


Hi @vini_brito

This works :tada: