Where is Ext. Vertical Scrolling?

Hello Fellows, im try to figure out where is thsi option (Ext. Vertical Scrolling), inside the Repeating group. Im try to follow a video, and the video the teacher shows this feature, but i cant find it, could you please help?

Screenshot from video, probaly a old version from Bublle

Actual version

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hello there.

Since the latest update to New Responsive engine (I believe it’s been a month or so from beta to full release) based on FlexBox Grid there are not such proprieties like you saw in the video with the provided screenshot.

In order to replicate similar behavior you would need to use dynamic number of row/columns. Basically unchecking the Fixed option in the element propriety and setting the Vertical Scroll Direction while adjusting the width and height of the row/column to achieve desired behavior.

More about RGs: Containers - Bubble Docs


As @psycholabdesign says. :+1:

I’ve a working example (and you can view in the Editor) here I used to prove it to myself.


FYI… Bubble also made a quick tip video to show how to do this exact setup.



Hey Mike,

I’m trying to do this now, but the Max width INF option is not available, any insights?

Screenshot 2023-07-17 203601

@james38, you aren’t seeing the responsive settings because the parent container’s type is fixed. If you change the type to something other than fixed, you will be able to access the setting you mentioned.