RG Horizontal & Vertical Scroll At The Same TIme


Looking for a solution for creating an RG that can be scrolled horizontally for data points and vertically for things.

Like we can do in Excel:

I was looking through the forum for solutions and indeed have found this great guide from @eli :

But in my case, I also have images to be displayed, not only text, which seems impossible with the solution above. Also, in the last 2 years, a lot of new plugins were created + responsive engine, so I hope that you guys know some new tips&tricks for achieving that.


1.Add a Group and make fixed Width & Height , like a 1000 x 700 px
check option “allow vertical scroll”

  1. Add to this Group RG ( Layout: width 1000px or fit width option) ,(Appearance: 1 Row & Min Width column 200px)

  2. To RG mentioned above add the text (header)

  3. To RG mentioned above add the RG ( Layout: width 200px) , (Appearance: Min Height 80px & 1 column width)

That’s it!

Highly appreciate your comment, it def should work

Quick extra question - is that possible somehow to add a horizontal scrolling slider?

it will be scrollable horizontally

Hi @maximgalenkin,

The following works and even keeps the column headings in view when scrolling vertically (like frozen rows in a Google Sheet). It’s actually just a variation of this technique, with a max height applied to the RG.