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Where is the 'Enable Responsive' option

In my older apps I saw and Enable responsive page rendering engine option on the Page. I can’t find this in my newer apps, but want to turn off responsive mode. How do I do this?

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All new apps are responsive. It can;t be turned off anymore.

Continuing the discussion from Responsive layout (beta):

Thanks for advising - that’s what I feared.

I’m having all sorts of trouble controlling the responsive layout. Rather than take the time to trouble-shoot now, is there an action I could take equivalent to turning it off (e.g. on an element by element basis). I guess I’m looking to try and set elements to be a fixed size in a fixed position.

I’ve had a play with the options I can see (including in the responsive viewer), but just can’t get it all lined up how I want it.

You can group all your elements into a group and make that group fixed size. Works for most designs.


@peng.o is right, that’s the way to do it.

Please just give us a way to turn off this thing. It makes a total mess of pages.

Having responsive pages is one thing, having everything randomly splattered all over the page is something else.

So please can we have the ability to not have responsive pages, or at least some sort of explanation about how it is supposed to work, because it doesn’t at the moment. If I put something in the middle of a page … I expect it to be in the middle of the page. If I put something below something else, I expect it to stay there.


I agree with @NigelG

One thing is to have a website that is responsive but for an app -at least in our case- is better to have the non responsive app where users will be using on a PC/MAC browsers and for mobiles to have an app that is perfectly set up based on the mobile screen.

So then you´ll have the app that actually works in browsers perfectly and other design for the same app but for iOS or Android devices.

We want non responsive also.


@peng.o @emmanuel - thank you both for advising.

I will give it a go, but think it might be tricky due to using multiple groups on a page already with different states to show/hide independently.

As per the previous comments, I also have issues with layout - middle placement not always being ‘middle’ on different browsers (mobile and desktop). So, there are definitely times when turn off responsive layout would make life easier/more predictable - and would welcome the return of that feature.

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I agree with @NigelG as well.

I have tried to show bubble to a few friends and they get very disappointed that the element they put somewhere isn’t there when they hit preview. - they don’t really get that it’s the forced responsive feature

The current responsive feature just puts everything in weird positions, making it really hard to actually create a design that looks on the way as it was expected.

So please @Emmanuel , can we have the option to turn responsiveness off back?

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We unfortunately can’t maintain two versions of the page positioning algorithm going forward, especially since putting everything in a group that has fixed width does exactly the same thing. We could make the page have a fixed wish option, but then there won’t be stripes. How is that?

Also, you shovel start designing your pages for responsive, starting with a fixed design and converting isn’t the best way to do it.

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My use case for having a “turn off responsive” option is that sometimes its not practical for the app to be responsive, e.g. a admin backend. And since currently, the Fixed Width Group solution doesn’t really work with Floating Groups, a backend design with a floating sidebar will be clunky.


Understand not wanting to have to maintain the two options. I could live without stripes.

As above, the groups don’t always work.

And I also get that we should design for responsive from the start. However not everything either needs to be responsive or merits the time to do it.

People understand that not all pages are responsive and have a fixed width. It still isn’t unusual to have a fixed page.

But what they don’t understand is why a page looks so weird. So I would rather some pages be not responsive than badly responsive. If that makes sense ?

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I’m busy with an app that will need some pages to be responsive and then an entire admin section that does not need to be responsive. The first part will be used by the company’s employees that are mobile but the majority of people will be office bound behind a desk.

I like the responsive and enjoy playing around with it but it will be nice (and time saving) if there is an option to turn responsive off. I will gladly live without the stripes. I’m sure we can use floating group to get the same effect as a stripe?

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Yes, that is a great use case.

I have a “Business” app (data from that gets checked by a human and imported into client’s database) that has no need to be responsive, it is entirely desktop based. It is a screen with a LOT of data. Having the boxes move around would be a disaster.

Would it be possible to use the new responsive engine but by default the platform would set every single element as fixed width without the option to change it - we’d still have an enable responsiveness box - and when is checked basically the elements would no longer be fixed width and the responsive width input would then be enabled.
Does it makes sense?

This way we still have an easy way for non-responsiveness even when bubble platform itself is using the responsive engine.

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So we added the option to have a fixed width on a page. Note that if you do this, you want have the same options as before in terms of background and stripe. You can have groups, floating groups, etc. but they won’t go to the edge of the screen.

If you want to do this, make the page responsive, and simply have a group that has a fixed width and put all elements inside. Again, this will lead to exactly the same result as before.