Where is this input element?

I created a field called “cooking?” and chose the field type “yes / no”. Which Input Form do I use in the Designer?

You can use drop-down to get response from the user

Hi there, @mrjamesfong… there is no element specifically for a yes/no field… it just depends on what you want the user to do. You could have a dropdown with values that equate to yes or no in the database or you could use radio buttons or you could use a checkbox. Again, it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what you want the user experience to be.

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Do I have to format the appearance in a particular what? I just chose static and choices “yes” “no” but they only appear as “yes” in my database, even when I chose “no”.

In the workflow, you will need two steps with Only when conditions on them… one step to set the cooking field to yes only when the dropdown’s value is yes, and one step to set the cooking field to no only when the dropdown’s value is no.

As you can see I am very new to bubble. So I need to set two conditions on my dropdown menu. But I am not finding the condition after “This Dropdown’s value is …” What do i choose after this string?

The conditions need to be set in the workflow. Here is an example where the cooking field is on the User data type, and after This Dropdown's value is, you literally type the corresponding value from your dropdown (in this case, “yes”).


Also, just a suggestion… if you haven’t completed Bubble’s tutorials, you really should work through them. This type of basic stuff (and a lot of not-so-basic stuff) is covered in them, and they will accelerate your Bubble knowledge a lot faster than one-off questions in the forum (not that you can’t ask questions, of course). Again, just a suggestion.

Thanks Mike. I am enrolled in the Bootcamp.

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