Where is this stripe information?

The template I am using has a stripe integration built in, but I can’t for the life of me find any records that looks like this - is this built into the stripe plug in?

Hello @drfalken

Make sure you have the Bubble Stripe plugin installed.

Add your Stripe account dev api key.

The plugin will activate Bubble’s deep integration with Stripe.

Create a subscription on your Stripe account.

Create a test page, add a button that on click subscribes the current user to the Stripe subscription.

Place the expression that you show on a text element on the test page. Choose subscription id to be displayed on the text element.

Preview the page, click the button, and the text element should show the subscription id. If it does not just refresh the page.

This video should complement the above suggestions

Hope this helps, :smiley:

Everything works fine - I am just wondering where the information is stored? Meaning, I have a users table in the bubble DB, but there is no mention of a “Stripe Customer subscription” thing.

How can I see what users have subscribed? I know this exists in stripe’s UI too, but it seems like this should be in bubble’s DB?

Bubble does not display any of this info for security purposes.

If you want to store it in your dB you will have to …. Store it :sweat_smile:

Ok - so all these Stripe types I see are native to the Stripe plugin? And thus needs to query stripe each time?

I am asking because if I want to “feature-gate” things in my app based on the subscription level, I would imagine things would get pretty slow if it needs to ping stripe every time.

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It is very fast.

Yeap … you would need to query Stripe every time.

The good thing is that you can use this for conditions and any other expressions logic.

Ok - you wouldnt suggest storing the subscription info in the bubble db for speed? You don’t think querying stripe would slow things down?

No and No

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