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Hi All,

I’m trying to work out the SCA checkout with Bubble’s Plugin. Functionality seems fine. I’m having trouble storing the customer_id in order for me to update the customer’s data with Webhooks.

The action to subscribe the user to a plan doesn’t generate a subscription ID. Has anyone here worked this out? If not, I’ll just have to create a custom UI with Stripe.js.

The subscription ID in step 1 seems to be empty. There is an alternative to update the client’s customer_ID by checking with Bubble’s built-in external data from Stripe but it relies on (re)loading the page causing the webhook to fail.

Would be interesting to know how I can attach a newly created Customer to my Current user without having to create a new Customer on Stripe for the initial subscription checkout on SCA hosted payment page.

I think Bubble does this automatically, if you choose “Current User” then it will show the Subscription ID and Customer ID. It’s a little different than the other Stripe Plugins. Does that answer your question?

You might not even need to save it to the User since it’s already accessible to you via Current User.

You can access the Subscription ID or the Customer ID from there:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I have tried this, but seeing your reply might give me an idea how to use this on my webhook. I’ll try now.

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Would it be this option here? Seems like it though. I’ll give this a test-drive.

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Yeah, I think that might work. :+1:

Oh boy… smart one. It worked. Thanks so much man. Initially doing a search for the user with Bubble’s built in Stripe_ID is a smart one.

Do you happen to know how I can send the Current User’s email to the SCA checkout? On the inital checkout it stays blank. I guess that happens because the current user doesn’t have a stripe_id.


Glad it worked. :+1:

Let me check, I think sometimes that happens to me too.

The Stripe documentation refers to a Customer, before checking out the customer doesn’t exist. When I create a Stripe Customer with an action workflow, it doesn’t attach that Customer to my User, resulting in duplicate Customers.

Have you tried checking these?

Yep, unfortunately doesn’t work. Subscription ID also stays empty. That makes it so hard to solve it without crazy workarounds.

What I’ve noticed now also is that the Webhook is sometimes fired earlier than the User having been updated with the Stripe Customer ID by Bubble:(

What exactly are you doing a web hook for? I think Bubble does a lot of this without you needing to do web hooks. You may not even need to do it.

I don’t want to rely on the User loading the page before I update my database.

Are you checking if they have a subscription before allowing them to access your site? Or what is the reason? There might be another way of doing this.

I might have some more time tomorrow or later on to troubleshoot with you. I have to prepare for a class I have today at the moment. I will check in again later if you haven’t figured it out yet. :blush:

No worries, I’m trying to do it with a workaround. Will update this topic if it doesn’t work out as expected. Thanks so far Jason.

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Subscribed User seems to stay empty. Is this something on Bubble’s side?

Screenshot - 2020-08-10T201321.076

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