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Whereby Embedded Video Conferencing

I recently embedded Whereby as my video provider and a few users were interested in a tutorial. It is VERY simple. Go over to Embed video calls and video chat API | Whereby Embedded and reach out to set up an account. It is free and easy to set up. Once you have your account, you generate an API key and add your Bubble app’s domain as an “Allowed domain.”

Copy this API key and go to your Bubble API connector:

Please note that I set up the API call as an “action” so that I can generate these “meeting rooms” in my workflows. When I set this call up, I used an arbitrary startDate and endDate and it hasn’t caused any issues. The call creates a meeting with unique URLs, one for the host, and one for the attendees. You can set the room settings via your Whereby Embed account.

You can also customize the Whereby “room” by changing the URL for specific settings by following the instructions here:

Embedded developer guide | Whereby Embedded

API Docs can be found here, though I doubt you’ll need them: Whereby

I’m a huge fan of Whereby. Their support has been fantastic, they offer a free trial, pricing is extremely fair, the conferencing has been reliable and honestly has some sweet features. I hope this helps some of you with your video conferencing needs!



That’s really cool

I’m working on an LMS/Virtual Classroom project and this might just be the way to go!

Yup, my company is in Ed tech and we utilize whereby for our digital classroom. Cheers!

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@gbenchanoch thank you for the tutorial. I just discovered Whereby today. Correct me if i’m wrong, but their website shows the embedded function as starting at $199 per month with no free option showing on their pricing page. Have I misunderstood something?

It looks like they have changed their base price but are supplying more base minutes per month. I would reach out to inquire, as I built with them about 6 months ago.

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@gbenchanoch two quick questions on the Whereby API:

  1. Why did you include the Private Key in Header Auth as well as normal Bearer Token?
  2. Why did you use parameters on the call when they ask for a JSON body in the API docs?

The reason I’m asking is that I can’t get authenticated using the API connector and I’m wondering whether I’ve missed something here.