Webinar and video chat tool

Hi everyone, super new to bubble so I’m still getting the hang of things. Please is it possible to implement video chat and possibly webinar functions in my web app? Also can I optimise this to be responsive on phones as well?

Yes to both. @sridharan.s built a great app that showcases video chat, and it works on mobile. I believe he’s iframing in a white-labeled video conf platform, there may be newer plugins available that are enough to serve your use case.

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Thank you for your response. can you please share with me some of these plugins? Thank you.


We chose to build our own video system and then iframe it into Bubble. Wasn’t cheap.

Also, we don’t yet support video on mobile because WebRTC (the foundation video conferencing technology we’re using, which is also the core of Google Hangouts, for example) requires a mobile app instead of a browser on mobile devices. As such, it typically runs $30k for Apple, and $30k for Android to build support for them. Of course, different apps will have different price points.

So, yes it’s do-able to build these capabilities into a Bubble app. But, no, it doesn’t come with Bubble out of the box so it’s costly and time consuming to build and integrate.

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Check out @NigelG’s approach here:

For anyone who is interested, Tokbox/Opentok now offers embeds that make it quick and easy to add a basic 1-on-1 video conferencing capability to your site. This approach includes just the basics so it doesn’t allow for 3+ person video calls, no text chat, limited constraints on the look and feel, etc.

That said it’s workable for a lot of apps, so definitely worth checking out if you’re really wanting to add video conferencing to your app.

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Thanks for sharing.
Trying to embed the code given by Tokbox on a single page within my Bubble app, but it needs to be put in the body while Bubble only allows me to put it in the header.

Could you please suggest the best way to get this working?
Many thanks for your help

You will need to use a HTML element.

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Thanks @marcusandrews, just did the HTML element with success.

Which web app you use? Instead of implementing the same in your web app, why dont you directly use video and webinar related tools like Webex, R-HUB web video conferencing servers etc? These are widely used by businesses globally for all their video conferencing and webinar needs.

There was online sites available to talk with people like Bazoocam