Which is better for performance with linking data and displaying in repeating groups?

I’ve built my app where my users create different Meetings (type). So far for a repeating group I’ve done:

Do a Search for Meetings: Created by current user

BUT would this be less resource intensive?
Current User has a field of type Meetings (list) which after a new meeting is created this meeting gets added to the user in this field. Then the repeat group can be:
Current Users Meetings

My guess would be that Do a Search for will be more resource intensive but has anyone get any experience or preference with which way to do this?

Would also love to know this answer, and would like to know how to determine for myself in future instances. is there a way to see time taken for an action in debug mode? (step by step maybe?)

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Was digging in a previous performance thread and found this Performance Q&A guide

It seems either way has its pay offs and it depends on how many values you think you’ll have.

Would love to know where you stand after reading the attached post.

Further explanation with a gif Performance Q&A guide

With new Bubble change, API Workflow with a Search For can take 5-8 seconds per request, instead of 500ms. So it’s sound consuming. Maybe they will fix that soon hopefully.

It depends on what you are doing with the results, however on an app I am working on at the moment…

We have a User Profile page that displays various counts for users (stuff they have set up so fairly similar to above).

It was becoming obvious that some counts would take many seconds to return, and when we changed these from the “do a search” to user’s list of stuff : count it would make it noticeably faster.


I noticed this too. Where search for was previously faster it now seems slower in some instances. Curious to learn if something in bubble backend has changed.

I think the general idea still counts here. The more items the more likely it will be that search for will be faster. Especially if you need to filter anything.

Maybe its better to keep this in the performance thread?