Repeating Group Loading Slow

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get data out of my database that has more than 700 entries. I am loading the entries in a repeating group using just “Do a search for”. At the moment to load all the entries it takes roughly 12 to 15 seconds.

Is there any way of doing this faster?

Thank you

Saving the list to a Data Type, such as Current Users’s Things is usually quicker than performing a search. You can try it out and see if it helps. It won’t be dynamic though (filtering the list will probably be slower).

You can also try to increase your capacity. You can test this out with the boost function found in settings.

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Hi @petter,

I need to load a list of Products (which are not linked with the current user). Is there any way around it?

Yes, I have already tried with the boost function but the result is pretty much the same.

Thank you

I’m afraid there’s no other way than a List or generating a List through a Search. If you can share your app, I and others can have a look to see if there’s any obvious things that may be slowing it down. The elements inside the RG can add to the loading time. My apps have been dealing with smaller databases, so not sure what to expect from 700. But from a db perspective, that’s not huge.

You can try to “hack” it into preloading the list before it is displayed, but you might find it slows down the rest of the page too much.

Also, in general, users are usually more forgiving is they see something, rather than nothing, so setting up a decent loading animation, etc. might keep users happier.

Hi @petter,

This is the link to my app:

Thank you


I had a look at your editor now, and couldn’t find anything that would slow it down more than the usual search time. I did get a notification that the app could have been 6 seconds faster with a capacity boost though, and the logs say you could have saved about a minute of loading time over the last six hours.

Hi @petter,

So basically everything is fine with the app it would just need a boost or some extra units to be faster?
But I have a dropdown that loads in 2-3 sec which is a lot faster.

Thank you

Sorry, I just realized you have another search inside the repeating group, of the QNT field that I didn’t see. This could be the source of the slowdown, as this performs a search basically 700 times (probably not, as Bubble have some algorithms to make it more efficient, but in principle)

Have you tried to see the speed when removing that? If that helps, I’d try to solve that in another way. Search inside a search is generally a heavy load on the server.

Hi @petter,

Yes, I have done tries where I removed everything from the repeating group but the load speed does not change.

I have tried it once again now and there was no difference.

Thank you

You could try to save searched via a datatype. Call it Search for example, and save a list of all products inside of it. Then set the RG’s source to the list contained within it (like I suggested in the first post, but without binding it to a user)

It might speed up a bit, but I don’t think it will be a massive difference. Also, when you use the search box, you’ll need to use a Filter, which may slow it down (I’m thinking aloud now, as you can see).

Apart from that and speed boost, I’m afraid I’m out of suggestions.

HI @ljf you can try putting the repeating group inside a Group and have that group search the database table for the first item.

I have a report table that pulls data from a large table and takes a few seconds.

Group (Search xyz: first item)
Repeating group(search xyz) - including your search parameters as you do now.

The way that Bubble seems to work is that it runs a search and seems to cache a first search and then it makes it faster to pull consecutive searchers from the same thing.

You can also try hiding that repeating group first and then on page load “Show” that repeating group to make sure the group search runs first.

It may work for you, and worth a try.