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Which template is best for building an on demand service app?

I have an idea I am working on that is an on demand service dispatching app and believe there is likely a template already suited for this. Basically it’ll be similar to uber but instead of the driver picking you up, repairs are made on site. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

Hi there,
So before starting with a template you need to select the on-demand service that you are going to offer. Perse there are food delivery, pharmacy delivery, taxi industry, etc… The UI differs on which industry you select. If you are going with a taxi application yellow-based template will help you attract customers. And features will differ respectively on all the apps.
So answering your question,

  1. Select the Industry
  2. Look at the templates of your competitors
  3. Think like a user
  4. Come up with a template.

You can refer to this blog for some ideas:

Thank you have a great day. This is Charles From SpotnRides, Miami.