White space on left & right screen in mobile horizontal

Is the white space a bug on mobile horizontal screen of our web app?

Or is there any solution to this? My web is dark mode only, i want to get rid of the white space on mobile horizontal view.

Please help this :pray:

Do you mind sharing a screenshot?

Without having access to your editor only thing I can say is: Make sure you don’t have any fixed width elements on a page. Or sum of multiple element’s min widths could be larger than a mobile screen width .

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I guess you have max width limit set on a parent group that holds the rest of the group elements. Either get rid of it or change page background color to the same color as the dark we see on your screenshot.

If this is not the case I’ll be down to have a look at your editor. We can set up a quick call :sunglasses:

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Looks just fine on my browser. Did you make changes?

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Can you screenshot it on mobile horizontal view? Didn’t know why my safari show the white space

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It is vertical view

It’s okay. iPhone 14 Pro, Safari.
Even on other sites (google,product hunt,Airbnb etc) like that .v.v.v.v…v

It looks fine. Maybe problem is in your browser settings?!

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Ahh okay then thanks :blush:

Yeah i think so, mine is iphone 11 pro. Thank you for responding :blush: im glad it looks good on other people browser.

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