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Unwanted white space on the right, in mobile version

I can’t get rid of the white space on the right hand side of the mobile version of my website. I’ve made everything the same size or smaller than the page width in the properties editor. I’ve made all elements visible and checked that they are within the main page boundaries.

There is a floating group at the top.
There are some popups.

Here is a screenshot of what happens… (second one shows the problem)

It’s showing some space outside of the page width I set.
Horizontal floating is NOT activated for the floating group at the top.


Great design!
I don’t actually know the solution to the issue; but the design is fantastic!

  • there is a drop down in the top left corner of the editor that you can search elements; make sure you don’t have any invisible elements in that space (like empty text boxes or something). I have had invisible (unknown to me) elements, stretch my page before…
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usually this happens when you have a random item out side of the design area.


Thanks guys, that’s what I thought. There must be an element which I can’t find.
I’ve used the dropdown to search for elements.
I’ll keep looking.

Here is how I’ve fixed it:
Temporarily set the width of your app page for 2000 - on the right somewhere you shall find that unwanted element, if it’s the same color as your background and it you can’t see it, you can just hover to find it or press ctrl+A and you’ll see it.

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Thanks, I already set it to 1200 and did what you described, but I’ll try setting it to 2000 and try again.

I’ve checked everything.
If anyone else has a clue as to what might be happening here, please let me know.
It’s the only thing left before my website is complete.

following - I have the same issue - did an element search with no success.

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Embarrassed to admit, but in case it helps others, this fixed itself when I got the latest iOS update…