White space showing on repeating group

Sorry if this has been answered… I’ve searched forums and found nothing. I’m having the issue my repeating groups are aligning the content inside the cell to the left, and there’s also a random blank space on the right side. Does anyone know how to tackle this please? Below you can see how they are aligned in the editor, and what happens when you do preview of the app (this is a mobile app, by the way). EDIT: I tried resizing the image to the full width of the cell and the problem went away… except when I tried resizing the shape to the full width of the cell, it’s separating and aligning things oddly again.

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-05 212848

Do you use new responsive engine or the legacy one ?
If it’s the legacy one, the problem might come from the fixed width of the RG otherwise cell’s one. Check this, if not yet, and let me know.

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