Help! Why are the cells of my repeating group too big?:(

This hurts my head, I can’t figure out what’s wrong :frowning: someone please help I’ll appreciate it so, so much. For some reason, when I preview my app, the cells of the repeating group are a totally different size than what I have on my editor. I don’t know what to do or what’s causing it… please help, it’s pretty crucial to what I’m doing :frowning:

This is the size I’d like to get for each cell:

This is how it looks when I preview… what’s happening!!! There is so much space in between I seriously don’t know what to do about it.

I tried checking the fixed width on and off and I get the same result. When I inspect it, this is how large the cells are each. Where does this extra space come from or why?


Edit: Here is the link to the app.…?debug_mode=true

This can be caused by a few different issues. It would be best to share your editor in read only to figure out whats causing it.

Hello, I added a link to the preview of the app in the description of this post. Is that what you meant?
Here it is as well: Bubble | No-code apps

Thanks for your response

not the preview… I mean the editor.

Sorry, still learning my way around some things. Here it is: Trialwhoknowswhat | Bubble Editor

The repeating group is not visible on page load, you can find it as RepeatingGroup place in the elements tree

A few things immediately stand out:

  1. To solve the expanding rows issue, you should place your groups vertically above each other.
    Covered previously here (different symptom, same solution)
    Group is not left justifying next to navigation menu

  2. You really shouldn’t have such a high number of open issues… you shouldn’t have any.

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