Whitespace on top of headers on index page

Hello all,

I am seeing a whitespace with some text (; visible on top of my group header on index page. It wasn’t there before and site is live for 3 months and i did not push any change to production. The only thing i did was to insert a G-tag into analytics plugin to site data which is also not working. I checked all groups and elements within the page structure and there is no such element or text at top of the headers group or on index page.

Anybody has a clue why is this happening?

have you tried to check it using the debugger?

Check your Settings>SEO / mettags > Advanced settings.
There might be an unrenderable snippet of code (in your case " '); ") which just gets displayed as a text.
Remove it / fix the code, and the whitespace will go away

Edit: Sorry hadnt read the G-tag bit.
The issue is clearly in the G-tag analytics plugin putting some code in your Header/body which is unrenderable and will be displayed as text. Also explains why the analytics is not working.
What are you inserting in the plugin? Send some screenshots.