Why AI + No-Code is the Future

We’re living in a transformational moment — generative AI is changing the way we approach creativity, entrepreneurship, and work in important ways. Machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence have been shaping industries for years now, but generative AI is accessible on an entirely different scale.

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I do not give Bubble permission to use my Bubble apps as training material for developing a BubbleGPT type AI. Exclude my apps from your training set.

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@zelus_pudding Think you might be developing in the wrong ecosystem bud :grimacing:


My position is about having choice - if you want your apps to be used as training input for an AI then that’s cool. The option is what matters.

I’m curious why you care? How does it effect you and why should I care if they use my apps?

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Great questions. See:

I totally hear you on your point, and I’m not weighing in on that (pro or against). All I’m saying is by developing on a closed platform like Bubble (which I believe is absolutely safe), you are giving up your right to “opt-out” so to speak on them using your data. The same is true of using a platform like AWS.

You do have choice if you don’t want a platform to use your data… simply write the code in JS, host the code on your own infrastructure, etc.

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You are still “investigating the tech to use” etc?
It seems weak, very weak and late, compared to other players, like Microsoft, Coda.io and more who already have an extensive working demo.
And nothing about letting bubblers use AI in their product?
Today, no-code is a given for every app, the future of no-code is about letting your users create no-code tools (not just plane tools). And AI will help a lot in helping bubblers let their clients no-code to personnalize the experience for their end-users.
We rely on you, stop thinking about hiring for a summer residency and start shipping.