Why are uploaded images so bad quality?


all images that I upload look really bad, no matter whether I save them out of Photoshop as JPEG, PNG or SVG.

Any suggestions please as it’s making my site/app look really cheap and shoddy!

Many thanks

Are you using default Picture Uploader element or plug-in?

Just the default picture uploader - is there a better solution?


If you are still struggling with bad quality - add ?ignore_imgix=true param in the end of the image url. Will it help?

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I added the parameter and it appears to have made the gradients less ‘blocky’ and more smooth, but still no where as good as the exported image from Photoshop.

Are all images equal or should I use PNG over JPEG/SVG etc?

Many thanks

HI @paultwaddle1 ,

did you find a solution for this ?

@Dimo - nothing other than adding the ?ignore parameter.

It did improve the gradient slightly but the images are definitely still degraded.

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