Poor image quality after user upload

Hi all,

I know this is a recurring question on bubble forum but I can’t find a solution to my problem.

Each time a user uploads a picture via Picture uploader, the resulting image is compressed and bad quality (even with very high PNG or JPG base files).

I can’t figure out which parameter to change… I’ve tried output density of images, but it is not working. Also, when I directly upload a picture in high resolution via database admin interface, the image display is good. But never with the image uploader element.

How prevent bubble to compress the uploaded images ?

Thank you in advance.

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@thomtom You can add a ignore_imgix parameter

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Hi @neerja,

Thank you for your answer. Could you precise where to put ignore_imgix expression ?

Is it during the upload process or display ?

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@thomtom Display in the image element like:


Thanks @neerja it works well for displaying an image stored in high resolution in the database.

However, my second problem is still here. If a user uploads an image (in high res), this one will be highly compressed and it will result in poor quality of display because the stored file is compressed (even with the ignore_imgix expression during the process upload).

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@thomtom Image should not be visibly compressed on upload for most cases. Please submit a bug report and we can see if your use case is running into a limitation

@thomtom, what’s your output density of images set to? You can try at least 2 (General > Settings > Output density of images), maybe that can help.

@neerja, I always wondered what’s the downside of increasing the output density? Is it impacting performance? I couldn’t notice any difference.

I sent a bug report. Yes I tried output density parameter but it does not work. I believe the problem appears during the upload process (image is compressed an stored into the database in bad quality).

@Lucien We have not received reports of performance issues resulting from output density selections

@thomtom Thanks, we will test

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