RadioButton not displaying dynamic value correctly

i am having an issue with displaying the radiobuttons in my webpage,
as you can see it displays the background fully but the radiobuttons are cut horizontaly in half and their text is not showing.
even though inspecting the element shows correct values.

Try nesting them in a group, set it to fixed width and check for the size of the font

did all three things you asked, it is still the same, i even changed font type.

it feels like it only renders half of the radiobuttons.

Consider sending a screenshot of all of the elements and their responsive settings. Check those groups in the responsive tab and see if tinkering them helps

i will try to tinker around. i hope these screenshots help

I suggested nesting them in a group (and while you are at it tinker with making that group fixed width) … but it seems that they are not.

isnt this on the left the grouping you asked for?

Try grouping just the radio buttons with fixed width and see what happens

i did keep the radiobutton in a group by itself and tried all 4 combination of fixed width option

still same issue

This is what I get … I removed the page’s responsiveness to keep things simple. Either way the radio buttons show :

Perhaps you can experiment in a new test page only with the radio buttons and go from there with grouping etc and see how things go.

Try different browsers too. I use Chrome.

just created a new RadioButton with same settings and it works :man_facepalming:

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