Why aren't recurring workflows a thing in front-end custom events?

Like, really. Why can’t you create a simple looping feature in the front-end but have to rely on the back-end workflows?
These are the things that make you think “why Bubble, why?”

You can use a looping plugins or even simply use ping/pong custom events to achieve looping. (two custom events that schedule each other in X seconds, but be sure to add an ending condition if applicable).
Bubble probably does not facilitate looping in the frontend as lots of beginners will run their app to the ground by creating infinite loops, or do something questionable like put searches in the loops and put strain on the bubble servers.

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The choice to allow recursive workflows on the back end, and not the front end is one of the most baffling things about Bubble.

Their reasoning makes no sense at all (unless you’re cynical, and think they’re just trying to maximise revenue… in which case it makes perfect sense).

Bubble really tries hard to make front end looping difficult (even though there are ways to do it without plugins), and although they said they were planning to release a proper client-side looping feature in the Autumn of last year, it never materialised and seems to have disappeared from their roadmap.

So, you’ll have to use custom code or plugins for virtually any kind of client-side looping (which, given how much of a basic programming feature this is, really leaves Bubble way behind some of their competitors in this regard, and a long way off their stated goal of being just as flexible as code, in my opinion).


Yeah, I know nobody wants to hear about the ideaboard, but I’m guessing another thread about this topic isn’t going to do anything, so you might as well upvote this idea (which, for what it’s worth, is the 6th most upvoted idea on the entire board) while you’re posting.


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It really is crazy that Bubble still doesn’t have native frontend looping and we have to resort to hacky workarounds.
If they are really worried about capacity/stability, they could lock it behind the paid plans similarly to recursive backend workflows

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can you recommend a plugin for this? i’m italian too btw :slight_smile:

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:it: :partying_face:

Sempre bello vedere degli italiani su Bubble.

In generale cerco di evitare le plugin se possible. Se ci sono dei cambiamenti sulla piattaforma Bubble o su altre interdipendenze, le plugin potrebbero smettere di funzionare e non c’è alcuna certezza che l’autore le aggiorni.
Ok dopo l’obbligatorio disclaimer sulle plugin eccone una che potrebbe aiutarti:

@vini_brito è secondo me il miglior plugin author, e le sue plugins sono molto più affidabili delle altre.

Però ti consiglierei di provare i ping-pong custom events, cioè due custom events che si chiamano a vicenda fino a che non vuoi terminare il loop. Uno dei custom events è quello che fa tutto il lavoro/processing, mentre l’altro serve solo a richiamare il primo. E’ un tecnica molto semplice e ti eviterebbe di dover usare plugins. Se hai delle domande fammi sapere.

Grazie mille! Proverò con piacere entrambi. Non è possibile che per creare una lista di entry nel DB con una semplice if condition debba spendere migliaia di WU in backend workflows. Provo a fare tutto nel frontend

Se vuoi diminuire il tuo consumo di WU per creare una list a di entry nel DB, prova ad usare il Data API. Oltre a costare meno WU sarà anche più veloce e più chiaro.