Bug or new feature?

Previously it’s never been possible to run a single Custom Event on a page recursively… (although it has always been been possible to loop 2 together by scheduling one from the other)…

However, I have been able to schedule a custom event from itself to run recursively, meaning no need to a loop between two custom events for client side recursion.

That said, I’m not entirely sure how I managed to achieve this, and I can’t replicate it in any other app, aside from by copying this page (which does work).

Here’s a link to a simple demo showing this in action (built by copying the original page I was working on and modifying the workflows).

Recursive Custom Event (bubbleapps.io)

So, my question is… is this a Bug or a new feature (maybe a work in progress)? (if it’s a bug, it’s a good bug!)…

The fact that I can’t replicate this suggest it’s probably a bug, and not intended, unfortunately… so then the question is why? (why is this not possible to do as intended behaviour)

it’s clearly possible, and extremely useful… is this limitation just some arbitrary safeguard put in place by Bubble to prevent users creating infinite loops? (although you can already do that by looping two custom events together anyway)?

Or is this a sign of a new feature being worked on?

@nick any input on this? (is this something that will be possible soon? is this a bug in my case? is there a reason why this has never been possible? etc.)


There is a new looping feature coming soon, I believe, which will work like this. My guess is the launch is imminent.

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I know we are all guessing but I am hoping frontend looping would be more intuitive than this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

More similar to “Schedule on a list” but front end with progress feedback and started and complete events exposed


That would definitely be ideal

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