Why can't I find 'Roboto' font in the Styles tab?

I see ‘Roboto (regular)’


…but that seems to load a separate font in the page source…


The strange thing is that Roboto is my default font for most of my elements…


…but once I change it, I can’t get back to that.

Any ideas?

Pretty strange, In my app I can’t find the Roboto without the ()

Do you have it added as a custom font?

It’s the default font for most of my styles so it must already be available natively. It’s just that I can’t actually find it in the dropdown.

For example, it’s the default font for my Standard Button but I went and changed it to something else and now I can’t find Roboto again.

Can anyone else replicate this?

Yes, I can replicate. There is no “Roboto” only “Roboto (regular)”

I never knew that there was a “Roboto” I’ve only ever seen and used “Roboto (regular)”