Why can't save date in a specific way?

Hei guys little question,
I m not understanding why I cannot save a date from a “date picket” as mm/dd/yy.
Here the example:

Hi there, @gianlucabiancardi96… when you format a date, it becomes a text value, and you can’t save a text value to a date field… simple as that (the red issue checker at the top of your editor should be telling you the same thing). So, save the date without formatting it, and then format the date when you display it on the front end.


You can’t save a date with formatted value. Just save it as date

But when you want to display the data you can choose how to display it. It’s on this way you can formatted date

Yep… as others have pointed out, a date is a date… it doesn’t have any formatting (it’s just a moment in time).

You can take that date and format it anyway you like, but then it’s no longer a date, it becomes a text.

So, if you want to save a date, you need to save it as a date. If you want to save it as a text, then you can, but it’s really a pointless thing to do (and will no longer be recognised as a date)

@mikeloc @WILSON @adamhholmes
So what you are saying is that i shouldn’t format it here?

No, you have to format it there… that’s how the date will be displayed on the date picker (which is just a text)

All right, I got it thank you!

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