Date formatted as not working

i’m trying to save a date value to the database formatted as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
and it’s not enough, it’s asking for (More…) what am i doing wrong ?

Hi there, @alex3253x… if you look at the issue checker, I’m sure it is telling you about a type mismatch (like what Adam described to you here), and the reason for the mismatch is because when you format a date, you turn it into a text value. So, you are trying to save a text value to a date field, and you can’t do that because the types don’t match.

Simply save the date without trying to format it and then format the date any way you’d like when you display it on the front end, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


ye i just saw another post talking about this that when you format it turns into a text value, the issue is that later on i need to export the data in yyyy-mm-dd as a timestamp however if i change it into a text it probably won’t get recognized as a date by the third party program that will process the data

what i mean with this is that whenever it will get exported the label will be called: sold_date_text

Well, I don’t know about your third-party program, but the issue you described in your post should be clear now, and you know how to address it (i.e., don’t try to save a formatted date to a date field).

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