Why can't you resize and position a Popup element?

Hello! I have a problem with a Popup element that cannot be resized or moved with the mouse in edit mode. I tried it in different browsers and even in different accounts. After the element is drawn, there is no way to resize it or even move it with the mouse.
Could you please tell me what this could be due to?
There are no squares on the sides:
This is a screenshot from the video, I don’t have such squares on my screen.
I also asked this question in the GPT chat. He tried to help several times, but none of the advice worked. Then he told me to write to the other skin sacks. So here I am.

As I remember - popups are not resizable by mouse dragging in new bubble responsive engine


Користуйтеся підказками bubble замість Chat GPT

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Unless its broken, one can simply use the element editor to assign it a dimension.

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Thank you very much for the answers! I saw these options, but I expected the window to look like the one in the video. So I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right and that it wasn’t a bug. As far as I understood, there is simply no way to resize with the mouse now, although it used to be possible. Now we have to change it by setting parameters. There is also no way to change the location of the pop-up window, as its position is always fixed in the center.

Check the date when the video has been released. New responsive engine came out from beta in June 2022.

I think you can do it with some extra CSS, try to check forum if somebody already had a similar requirement and got a solution :slight_smile:

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It’s okay, I’m learning how to use this program, so I needed to make sure that this is how the system works, and not some problem on my end. Like I have something inadequately displayed, or I’m doing something wrong as shown in the video. Thank you very much again for your response.

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btw, here is an example from @adamhholmes of positioning popup with some CSS:

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