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Why does "any field contains: this inputs value" not work for some words? Search is impossible for some words

I have an input as a search bar and use “Any Field Contains” this inputs value. It works perfect for 99% of words. However, some random words won’t return a “search result”.

Go ahead and type “For”, “You”, or “For You” in the search bar here. It won’t return results, when it should. Here’s the link:

Here’s the editor: Searchoptionset | Bubble Editor

Is this a bug? Or does bubble have a list of words they choose to exclude?

In my real app, if customer’s create a project called “For You” the’ll never be able to find it.

Those are ‘Stop Words’ by the looks of it, so wont be included in search queries…

As explained here: Notes on Queries - Bubble Docs

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@rico.trevisan we have an explanation here.

Bubble Support, you can go ahead and cancel Bug report #18989


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