Why does my plugin have 298 installs but only €12/month in payments?

I have built this plugin “Elegant Loading” (Elegant Loading Plugin | Bubble) with a pricing of 3$/month or 16$ once, but I only have about 12$ almost every month (with 298 installs)

What could be happening?

There is probably something that I am not understanding well, but could you help me to understand it?


People probably installed it for 1 month and uninstalled it after.


Is the plugin store install rating a number that is the total number of people that have ever installed the plugin, or the number of people that have it currently stored (curious)?

A bit off topic, but something I have wondered about, and maybe one of you plugin developers would be so kind as to enlighten me… when someone installs a plugin, does the plugin developer get notified about the install, including who installed it? Same thing when someone uninstalls a plugin… does the developer get notified that their plugin has been removed? Again, always been curious about that.


Yes, you can opt-in for emails about purchases, subscriptions and uninstalls.
But these don’t reveal the app ID or the app’s owner even though some plugin builders use scripts to collect analytics (such as the active installs, app ID,…)


Not sure but just checked it out and I may well use this! Nice job.

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Pretty sure the “installs” number goes down a few days/weeks after it’s uninstalled…

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Probably, they found a loophole on how to use it without subscription.

If I may ask, is the subscription process in a pop up or another page entirely?

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Doubt it.

To be honest I blame their services (Bubble). They don’t produce accurate information about current installs, so why assume they have accurate information about universal installs?

The best way to keep track of your installs is to add an API inside your plugin to talk to your server. You can also get the app ID, last use time, etc.

I have 100’s of installs, but only a fraction are actually active installs. Not only that, I’ve seen it where I use a plugin on an app, duplicate it, then the amount of installs goes up, even if it’s a premium subbed plugin, and it’s not installed.

I feel like they are about to revamp their contributor/reviewing/plugin/templating/stats system eventually, so I haven’t really said much about it.


The subscription process is in the “bubble plugins” page.

This represent the total amount of install. So this mean:

  • People that have bought your plugin (not subscribed)
  • People that have unsubscribed to your plugin
  • People using your plugin from a plan where plugins are not charged (Agency plan, Instructor plan,…)

You can figure out and make statistics yourself by downloading the CSV exports of your installs

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People are constantly installing your plugin and uninstalling immediately. (or after some time).

$12 you are receiving because 5 people have subscribed to your plugin (25% bubble fees) or one person is buying every-month (You can check the detail transaction list in your account page).

DO NOT rely on the information being shown in general plugin marketplace for installs. Instead refer directly in the plugin editor and go to reviews, you will see the information I’ve added in the image below.

I tested this by installing my plugin on one of my apps and the value increased by one from 691 to 692. I then uninstalled the plugin and the value went back to 691. Therefore this is a reliable value to go by and indicates how many people are actually using your plugin in real-time.