Plugin Subscriptions

Hello, I was thinking of using a plugin to make it easier to send newsletters out to my users but I am confused as to how I pay for them. So they categorize them as free or just not free. But where do you see the actual price? I don’t want to install something and get a huge bill because I couldn’t even see the price. Where can I see the subscription plan of these plugins and any other terms of services? Thanks!

In your app > Plugins > Search for the plugin you need > Pricing is available to the right.

Paid plugins (depending on the plugin) have two options. Buy for X price, and keep forever on one app, or subscribe to a monthly fee, and only pay for the days you have it (prorated).

Ok got it but just to clarify, this is what I see when I search for plugins, it doesn’t show a price. Just free or not free

The ones created by Bubble are always free, so you won’t see a ‘Free’ message on those. All others are by third party developers.


ah ok got it thx

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