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Why Doesn't The Height Of A Repeating Group Adjust Back To What It Was?

I am creating a terms of service page.

When you select other terms, example, privacy policy, copyright policy etc, it adjusts the height automatically but when you go back to a shorter Term page, it doesn’t close in the height back to what it was.

How do you make the repeating group collapse to the height that is needed?

Repeating group is used because need a way to track revisions of the terms. This dates them when they are uploaded.

I don’t know Justin, but that is one beautiful app!


If you are using three repeating groups, put each one within a separate group that collapses when hidden. And use the conditions set by the 3 options to show and hide the Groups that hold the repeating groups. That should make it expand and shrink the page height

If you are using a single repeating group and changing the data source, then try putting a group within the repeating group cell, and then the text within that. Make the group small height wise as the text in the cell will expand it to fit all the text. Not certain if this will work but playing around with that should eventually work


That worked!

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