Why wold "created by" field say (deleted item) the user is in the database?

Regardless of the user logged in the “created by” field says (deleted thing). Any idea what causes this?

Thanks in advance

I had the same thing. Would also like to know why.

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Privacy rules?

Is the the thing created by a page workflow or api backend workflow?

I think it might be related to how you are displaying the results. You can specify how the User is displayed, either by email or any other field related to the Creator. Perhaps you’ve deleted a field that was used for this entry display.

Bubble creates a temporary user for ~ 72hrs.

So if you do not use the “Sign the user up” workflow (to actually create a permanent user).
The session for the temporary user gets deleted.

I think what you are seeing is an item in the database that was created by a temporary (not signed up/logged in) user.


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