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Will a list field on a data type retain its order?

I believe I read somewhere that a list will always retain its order, but I want to confirm because it’s a critical part of what I’m building.

If there’s any doubt or possibility that the items in a list won’t retain their order, I’ll need to build out my fields differently (i.e., Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5, instead of “list of items”), which of course affects a whole bunch of things.

I’m also concerned about whether a list will retain its order outside of bubble. The client I’m building this for is considering rebuilding the old school way, w/engineers and stuff, a few years down the line, so I want to make sure I’m building this in such a way that the list won’t scramble itself when put in a traditional dev environment.

Appreciate your brains on this. xo

The only thing I could find in the docs to support your (and my) belief that lists retain their order was here. It does’n specifically say this, but it does support it. Also, in my experience, lists do retain their order in bubble.