Will Bubble pass Google's OAuth API verification?


Has anyone had any luck completing and passing Google’s OAuth API verification with a Bubble app when using restricted scopes?

If you use restricted scopes, your app needs to be verified and also pass a third-party security assessment. Before I spend too much time on my idea, want to see if anyone has any insight. Thank you!

If it is just the scopes required for oauth (ie single signon), I did not find the verification process onerous. I was surprised. I wrote about it here …

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There are hoops to jump through. But they are well signposted.

Even if you are doing it for someone else (who owns the domain).

They are pretty good at telling you where you went wrong.

So, no, not a problem - just a bit a pain.

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Thank you for sharing @lindsay_knowcode! It’s not for SSO but there still seems to be a lot of overlap. Reassuring to know it took two weeks instead of 6 - 8.

Hi @NigelG , thanks for the response!

I figured there would be some hoops to jump through, but glad to hear that it’s possible to pass on Bubble. Time to get to work.


Hey @bubble43

In the same boat – did you end you finding any additional insights?

Hi @iamqasimali46 , I ended up pivoting away from this app but according to the responses above, it should be okay with Bubble.