Tip: How I got my Bubble app verified for Google SSO in under 2 weeks

Setting up Google SSO in a Bubble App is very easy and there are plenty of guides of how to do it. I have a few bookmarked references I use as a checklist : https://www.azkytech.com/post/how-to-set-up-login-with-google-for-bubble-io-apps - this one is good and will get you through to the point where your Bubble app is ready for be verified by Google.

There are plenty of other guides also on how to create a Google SSO app and wire it into your Bubble app. It is very straight forward - once you’ve done it once or twice it is a 20 minute job.

However this doesn’t mean your App is ready to go with Google Single Sign on - in order to use Google SSO with public users - you need to be verified - meaning you need to convince Google that your aren’t using the permission they give you to access a Google Users data for bad purposes. Those permissions are called “scopes” by Google - you need minimal scopes for SSO.

This FAQ helps you understand the whole process: OAuth API verification FAQs - Google Cloud Platform Console Help

When you start off Google advise it will take 6-8 weeks. I’ve completed the process in 2 weeks (with Xmas and New Year’s in the middle of that process).

Read the rest here … How to get your Bubble App Verified for Google Social Logins (in under 2 weeks)

TLDR: Have the right words in your Privacy policy and put the Privacy Policy and Terms as links in the footer of your Bubble app pages. You don’t need to make a video.