Will it automatically work on mobile devices

Just a quick simple question.

I have seen a mobile messenger app in would like to build. I’ve read that you need bdk or android workshop to make your app work on mobile devices is this true?
I just wanted to build it from the tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube and use it with my family (kids/wife).

This is the mobile app I want to make

  1. do I need anything special to make it work on mobile devices/tablets etc?
  2. is it possible to host my app somewhere so my family can download it?

I’m new to this, but appreciate any light you guys can shed on this as I’m an little confused.


It will work on any device.

Oh brilliant!
I wanted it to be like click on the all and it opens just like WhatsApp independently, rather than like a website. Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

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