Will this be the new editor design?

Love to see an interface update, especially a dark mode.

Yes! Definitely need a dark mode or at least a toggle between light and dark!!

Sad to see that this redesign won’t make it with the recent announcement.
I’m hoping it won’t take years for us to start seeing this design in the old editor.


As I got the newsletter, what we won’t get is a “big bang” release with all that was hoped for at once. Instead, we’ll get a bucketload of smaller updates towards this ultimate goal.

Of course, this is the best way to do anything and we should all take notice: do change in steps and in lockstep with the rest of the platform and customer feedback/learning curve. It’s just hard as hell to not fall into the mental trap of wanting a grand release that will solve all problems and make a big splash. :sweat_smile:

(Examples: One (or several?) releasees for positioning controls, to clean up the messy elements tree, …grouping of styles, …grouping of workflows, … typography,… dark mode, …optimizing screen space, … shortcuts, and so on. One or two steps on these every two weeks or so and i’m very happy)

You are lucky the design never made it. However, I assume the NRE affected your social life a bit. :wink:

Damn! I was excited to see this—then I realized it’s nearly 3 years old…