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Hey guys

In summary, the action I want to achieve is to pre load all the video data (in a repeating group) before it is shown to the user, so when the user click show next item in the group, the video play is instant and store in the user browser cache, currently having no luck figuring this out.

Current problem I am facing is when I click show next item in repeating group, the video is loaded on the spot.


The video atore in bubble are mostly link ao even you load the next 6 item in Rg, you will get the link of next 6 videos.

With this you can combine advance Js player plugins giving the url you get the plugin.

This plugin is will pree load the video.

If it atill not solve what you want to achieve then you may need some custom code.

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Try a session with @copilot Salar will be able to point you in the right direction!

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Hi, were you able to get it working yet?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, but I tried out the plugin from Minimum Studio @minimumstudio their video player and it works great if you use the mp4 format and store the video url in bubble, you can check them out :+1:

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