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Windows Chrome page zoom

Hi all,
After a long day of Bubbling yesterday, I noticed my responsiveness settings suddenly seemed to go a bit crazy… Buttons were dropping down, text all over the place, etc. Basically panic set in! Then I realized I had my Chrome page zoom at 90%. Set it back to 100 and problem solved. Is there a strategy to code for this? e.g. test for it and issue a warning to the user? There are a few posts on this from 2016 but nothing recent I could find.

I have gotten automatic messages warning me about this. Back when I worked from a laptop whose monitor dimensions required that Windows alter the normal proportions of how it renders.

Bubble was warning me that elements would not be correctly placed as they seemed to be.

I stopped working on UI type of work in that laptop precisely because of the same experience you just went through.

I do this now from a standard PC monitor.

Thanks Carlos. I now realise what the problem is and won’t be going down that route again! But it did take me about half an hour of blind panic to figure it out! My point I guess is… that this is a software issue with Chrome/Bubble, regardless of hardware, that users are probably not going to be aware of (I certainly wasn’t) - and I can’t stop the user zooming with Chrome. It looks like in the past Bubble issued some kind of warning message about this? Whatever happened to this? Wouldn’t it be wise to do this? I had been using my Chrome browser zoomed to 90% for days (at least) before the issue became apparent.

This is one of many other panics that I suffered as well. One thing is for sure … panics are the only constant in app development :sweat_smile:

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