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Woocommerce API?

Is this flow possible with

The flow is like:

  1. Seller upload pdf on my site.
  2. Buyer purchased pdf from seller’s website (which use Woocommerce)
  3. Woocommerce send some webhook/api to my site that someone buy pdf from the seller.
  4. My app will send an email with user, password to that buyer with URL
  5. Buyer use that username, password to read pdf on my site.

I think I need woocom webhook or api for this but after playing a bit with bubble I saw that the bubble api connector authentication can’t be dynamic?
I’m new to this so I’m not sure but how to connect with API if I have many sellers on my site.
And each of them needs to have their own API?

Hi. This is totally possible I think. I myself am trying to complete my WooCommerce + Bubble integration. I don’t think you need multiple API, only one connected to your WooCommerce marketplace. You can use self-handled Authentication like I did.

Yes, I already did it a few months ago. I only use webhook though.

Oh I see. Great for you. I haven’t done the webhook part yet, going to explore soon.